Mots dits Mots lus is the universal read-aloud day.

Anyone can participate, anywhere in the world.

The seventh edition will take place on Saturday 25th June 2022!

What is it ?

Mots dits Mots lus invites you to read aloud or listen to readings on Saturday 25th June 2022!

  • To share the texts you love.
  • You can open your readings to everyone.
  • You can also choose your guests.
  • You can read alone or with others.
  • Or you can just listen.

Mots dits Mots lus is :

  • Reading with pleasure.
  • In any and all languages.
  • For everyone.
  • By everyone.
  • Everywhere.
  • And with everyone!

Who is it for ?

Mots dits Mots lus is for everyone:

  • People who want to read aloud.
  • People and organisations who want to organise a reading event.
  • People who want to listen to readings.

How does it work ?

Click on the I read, I register button.

To register, fill in the form.

You can indicate :

  • The time and the place of the reading.
  • The text(s) to be read.
  • The language.
  • Who the reader is.

Confirm your registration.

Your event will then appear on the map on our website. We will then share your event on our Facebook page. You will receive posters, bookmarks and Mots dits Mots lus stickers to promote your event at home. You can also download the poster and logos from the website.

Mots dits Mots lus is an entirely free event.

Registration is free and so are all the readings.

ou would like to listen to readings ?

Click on The Agenda

The map that appears shows you all the readings that will take place. Choose the one you want to listen to!

Focus Mots Dits Mots Lus 2021

Mots dits Mots lus also have fun with the 2021 edition! Come and listen! =)