Mots dits mots lus, what else ?

What is it ?

Mots dits Mots lus is a day of free “reading aloud” for everyone, everywhere, in France and around the world.

The third edition : Saturday, June, 30, 2018 !


What is “Reading Aloud” ?

Mots Dits Mots Lus treats reading aloud as its own artistic practice.  

It’s not just silent reading externalized, or reading acted-out, but its own separate, self-contained poetic act with its own history and intrinsic social and cultural value.


What is its value ?

Mots Dits Mots Lus gathers together audiences of all different ages, genders, and social classes, crossing both geographic and cultural borders as both readers and listeners. 

It is a transmission of common heritage both in content and delivery; and a way to hear and appreciate diverse cultural perspectives that enrich both speaker and audience.

Beyond the bare poetic act, it is also a time to meet and share with each other the pleasure of literary language in an unformatted state of mind, which could take place in the street, the living room, the garden, the theatre, or even at school…


Who’s it for ?

Mots Dits Mots Lus speaks equally to lovers of the spoken & written word.  People who want to read and/or listen to texts, associations, literary professionals (authors, book stores, book editors), festivals, collective structures (train station, hospitals, airports, senior centers), who want to either transmit or share the pleasure of reading aloud.

How does it work ?

Do you want to participate in Mots Dits Mots Lus ?  EASY !

Just choose the text you want to read, then go to click on “I READ : I JOIN” (subscribe). There you can practice and record your reading, explain why you chose it, and suggest its intended audience - along with categorizing it by searchable details such as duration and language.

Your reading is free to create and free to hear on our open website, and will also be shared on social media channels.  If you’d like to distribute your Mots Dits Mots Lus even wider on your own, you can download a free communications kit from our site.

Le parrain 2018

Parrain of Mots dits Mots lus 2017 : Bruno Doucey , novelist, poet, editor...